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Speed Plumbing 2000 is a plumbing company that provides all of the plumbing services to solves residential homes and businesses everyday plumbing problems. This includes everything from a dripping faucet or a leaking water heater. Our customers rely on Speed Plumbing 2000's professional plumbers to go above and beyond the average plumbing service.

Today's homeowner or business owner expects and deserve quality plumbing service and Speed Plumbing 2000 provides that service.

Video camera inspection technology allows plumbers to inspect the inside of a sewer pipe checking for any damage causing stoppages.  Camera inspection provides a visual and a location of the damages.

Remove those old corroded or leaking galvanized pipes.  Improve your low water pressure and get rid of rusty water.  Tired of the trouble of using more than one fixture at a time?  Installing copper pipes to every fixture is the best solution.

Earthquake valves are designed for natural gas installations on the gas meter.  They are designed to shut of gas to the property in the event of an earthquake.

Here in California our sewer pipes suffer from earthquakes, large tree roots, and old age.  These elements cause pipes to offset at the connection or crack.  Tree roots can penatrate and cause nasty, untimely stoppage.

Speed Plumbing installs and repairs a range of popular faucet and fixture brands.  Repairs range from the simple to the complex to the things you just don't want to tackle on your own.

Updating fixtures can dress up a tired room, making it more attractive to potential buyers and more enjoyable to live with.

A clogged drain is a homeowners nightmare.  Hair, soap residue, grease and other debris can cause a drain to clog up.  Speed Plumbing 2000 can unclog drains for $49.50.  When In Need, Call Speed!!!

Hydro jet cleaning is a method of cleaning with high pressure streams of water to remove build up and debris in pipes.  This process is best for kitchen sinks to remove grease and for sewers to remove sludge.

Your hot water heater should statify your needs and use as little energy as possible.  The standalone size of a residential hot water heater is 40 or 50 gallons.

Contact Speed Plumbing 2000 to learn more how we can rebuild your dream bathroom and kitchen.

Don't be surprised at what can cause a garbage disposal to jam up.  Speed Plumbing 2000 can come out to repair or replace your grabage disposal.

Get ready for winter.  Service and repair your wall heater and floor furnace.  Speed Plumbing 2000 remembers safety first and has highly skilled and trained technicians to service or replace your heater.

A toilet is the most important seat in the house and when it is not working it is a major problem.  Speed Plumbing 2000 can repair, replace, and unclog any toilet.  There are many different brands and styles of toilets that Speed Plumbing 2000 can purchase and install.

Most people cal for the gas company when they smell gas or have a issue with a gas line.  The gas company always says, 'Call the plumber'.  Our experienced and licensed technicians deal with gas lines all the time providing gas to appliances that utilize ntural gas connections such as washing machines, dryers, heaters and water heaters.  If you smell gas it is very important to know how to shut the gas off.  Remember safety first then call Speed Plumbing 2000.

Pipes convey waste from the house or building to city sewer connections in some areas septic tanks.

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