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When you’re seeking a professional plumbing company with the experience to handle any scope of plumbing job or plumbing-related service, you need not look any further than Speed Plumbing 2000! Specializing in plumbing repairs, installations, and inspections, Speed Plumbing 2000 has the knowledge to ensure your residential or commercial plumbing project is completed smoothly efficiently, promptly, and within any budgetary constraints.

Plumbing Replacements

A majority of the plumbing repairs and plumbing replacements that Speed Plumbing 2000 provides are to fix dripping faucets, running toilets, pipe leaks, low water pressure, and clogged drains. We are a team of experienced plumbers that will be able to replace and repair the plumbing pipes, fixtures, fittings, and angle stops! There is no reason to hold off on having a plumbing repair or plumbing replacement; if you wait any longer, it can turn into a more significant and more costly service.



One effectively proven method to accurately troubleshoot (and later address) a clogged or leaking plumbing system is contract a camera inspection service to probe for compromises in the plumbing system's soundness.

Plumbing Repairs

We bring nearly decades of plumbing experience to bear for every commercial or residential plumbing repair job we tasked with to ensure a timely and favorable resolution. With the breakthroughs and advancements with plumbing technology and its application, Speed Plumbing 2000 has made it a point to stay apprised with innovative plumbing repair techniques, material procurement, and equipment usage in order to accommodate all plumbing repairs. All plumbing repairs are backed by our commitment to quality and penchant for professionalism. Besides any system-specific repairs, we do offer routine maintenance for your plumbing system and all of its ‘moving’ parts - line flushing, minor renovations, parts upgrade and disposal.



In order to ensure our local communities, residents, and fellow businesses here in Los Angeles, CA are well-supplied with quality plumbing coverage, we've broadened our service area to include ALL of Los Angeles County, California~

Plumbing Installations

Unfortunately, not every plumbing problem can always be solved with a simple repair or adjustment; sometimes a plumbing part or an entire system component needs to be completely replaced. That’s where we come in! We offer standard installation for small, medium and large appliances and specialty installation for customized projects. In order to really stand behind our work, we offer warranties on all new construction and installation in addition to any manufacturer’s warranties where they are applicable. Have questions about a new water heater or shower upgrade? Be sure to call our seasoned experts for any installation/plumbing questions!


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